Kosuta Engineering is a private company, owned by Ing. Kosuta Halil. Mr. Halil has started stonecuttter shop since the 1982 and have it close to 1990 and a small stonecuttter shop has grown into a highly specialized construction company that is considered to be a leader and trendsetter in the area of ​​the main final processing and installation of marble and granite with us.

Our list of reference projects that best shows how its scope and prestige (The presidential residence, The building of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Hyatt Regency, Delta Bank ... )

The roots of our work does not start from 1982nd, it all started with his father Košute Halil, Mr. Redzep, a man who since the late 50's led the assembly, the first GP "Ukras" , and then in GP " Kosmaj ," and under his baton have completed major projects in the former Yugoslavia (Sava Centar, Hotel Yugoslavia, nuclear power plant Krško, Canadian Embassy, etc. . ) To the World Trade Center in Montreal, Canada.

Mr. Redzep gained golden reputation that reaches all parts of the former Yugoslavia and Kosuta name has become synonymous with rock and effectively completed mega project in the field of stone.

Mr. Halil has not only followed the sacred path of his father and his fruitful policy maximum of professionalism , expediency and complete satisfaction of the investors , but is working to expand the business focus of your company so that Kosuta Engineering soon mastered all technologies for final processing of stone , and connected with the most important global supplier , and we are now able to follow through all your requirements ranging from conceptual design , projecting , import the appropriate stone , its complete processing and final installation.We're proud ourselves on our tradition , jealously guard the impeccable reputation , instantly adopts the latest technology and , above all, serve you , your vision and your requirements .

Not hard when we work with the most fascinating materials - marble and granite materials that are above fashion trends , materials, without which one can not imagine a single construction masterpiece of human history , starting with the pyramids , the Taj Mahal over , to the most modern buildings of the 21-century .

We have the most advanced technology design , final finish and installation of stone and rely on year-old experience , thanks to a strong relationship with partners from Italy, Spain , India, China and Turkey , we are able to offer you the most exclusive type of stone that the human eye has ever seen.

Our goal is to make in your home , buildings, streets , offices, shopping malls, restaurants , hotels , banks, places of worship, shiny and eye-catching stone which we teach you to embed.